Are You Running Forward, or Running Away?

Apr 21, 2011 | Career Management, The Leap

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Guess what?  The recruiters are starting to call again.

This is positive news.  The recession has created perhaps a historic level of employee discontent.  Pay has been flat or decreasing for many.  Companies have cut benefits.  Boss’s have gotten away with bad behavior.  Promotions have been scarce, leading to longer tenure in a position, and boredom.

Usher in some alternatives, and many are quick to consider moving.

But wait.  It is never a good idea to jump ship simply out of frustration.  Take this job and shove it is great fodder for a country song, but creates an awkward dance on a resume.

Here are 5 questions to help you know if you are leaving for the right reason:

  1. Will the new opportunity utilize my strengths more on a daily basis?
  2. Will I be able to spend more time solving the problems I really want to solve?
  3. Will I be able to build my value in the marketplace at a faster rate?
  4. Do I like and respect the person I will be working for (references?)?
  5. Will the “devil I don’t know” really be better than the “devil I do?”

Notice the one thing that is conspicuously absent from this list – pay.  Compensation, IMHO, is the worst factor to base a career decision on.  Recruiters will use it to lure you to a job that otherwise you wouldn’t take.

And just like that, you will be stuck in a cubicle staring out the window, longing for the next recruiter to call.

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Date : Apr 21, 2011

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