Meeting Objectives

Apr 14, 2011 | Career Management, Personal Development, Re-Imagine Work

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“I consistently deliver on my pre-defined objectives.  I am able to routinely accomplish what is expected of me.  On time, on spec. Clockwork.”

These are the comments of a proud worker.  And there are many of them.  In fact, nearly all of you.  The research conducted for my first book showed that 95% of professionals feel that they consistently meet their stated objectives.

This is good news for employers.  But terrible news for you.  How in the world are you going to stand out, if you are merely doing what everyone else is doing?

What sets the winners and losers apart in the workplace is the ability to do what is needed, not just what you are told to do.  In many cases, this requires doing the opposite of what you are asked.

If you are getting along by only doing what you are told, hold on – your job is about to be outsourced to India.  But if you are a thinker – really using your perspective and insight to do what is most valuable for your company – than we have unlimited use for your services.

Are you doing what is needed rather than what you are told at work?

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Date : Apr 14, 2011

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  2. You should develop your skills but not for an employer but for yourself when your job DOES get outsourced and you're left high and dry

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